How do you know it’s love? (Part II)

Because even I can’t think about food 24/7/365: You are mentally obese if the first apps you download on your new iPad mini are NPR, iTunes U and Flipboard.

Today’s post is a continuation of love theories.

3) The Color Wheel Model of Love

In his 1973 book The Colors of Love, John Lee compared styles of love to the colors of a wheel.  Lee suggested that there are three primary styles of love (Eros, Ludos and Storge) and these can be mixed and matched to create three secondary styles of love (Mania, Pragma and Agape). So what do these actually mean?

Colors of  Love

To identify your love persona, Psychology Today has a quiz for you. And if you’d like to read a  more in-depth description of all 6 colors of love, click here.

4) Attachment Theory

Research by John Bowlby and others has identified commonalities between how children become attached to their caregivers and how adults form attachments and fall in love. The attachment theory states that all people regardless of race, culture or nationality are primarily motivated toward becoming connected to other people. The theory is based upon the thought that the reason we are so motivated to becoming connected to others is that becoming connected to others is the only real security in life we will ever have. In this way of thinking it does not matter how wealthy a person is; it is that, our greatest sense of real security comes from being connected to other people. The quest for human connections begins at birth and ends upon death.

Here’s a lovely and not-so-short quiz (30 questions) to discover your attachment style.

I’m not sure which theory I buy. I think each has an element of truth but each also leaves me unfulfilled for some reason….


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